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Stuff You Might Find Useful

Baby Sitting Basics course from the American Red Cross is now available on-line.  There is a $25 fee.  Designed primarily for youth ages 11 and older, this online course will prepare students to be better babysitters. Topics include how to provide care for infants and children; how to stay safe; what to do in an emergency; how to choose age-appropriate activities; and how to recognize and handle a variety of behaviors. (Description lifted from Red Cross website.)

Visit www.Bored.com for lots of amazingly cool things to do: games, comics, romance, the totally weird, music trivia, televisions information, sports stuff and much, much more.

Unsure whether that cool story you just heard is fact or fiction; myth or history? Wondering whether the latest e-mail scam notice you received is real? Check out Snopes.com for what’s true and what’s not.

Staying Safe on the Information Highway.  You’ve heard the hype and think it can’t happen to you. Just remember, where there’s smoke, there is usually fire.

At www.teenink.com you can submit your own work for publication, read the work of others, read peer book, movie and music reviews, connect to blogs, and get advice on writing, college, photography and much more from teen authors.

Abuse and/or Violence

Kidshealthy.org/teens a clinical look at abuse within families.

Teens Against Abuse a website created for teens by teens.  WARNING: do not use this  site from a computer in a danger zone, it can be tagged.

Dating Violence 101 helps you identify an abusive partner and the left column provides links to resources and state laws (also see back panel).

Futures Without Violence  Teens and their parents may  find the key resources VERY useful.   There is a FAQ, connections between teen relationship violence and other unhealthy behaviors, ideas for a safety plan and more.

Teens Against Abuse Teens Experiencing Abusive  Relationships has some wonderful informational links in the left margin: dating abuse information, warning signs, breaking free, the cycle of abuse, and getting help, just to name a few.

Women’s Issues is full of informative articles and includes a site for sharing success stories (for inspiration).

Women’s Center – click the “do you need help?” link for immediate assistance.  They provide a 24 hour hotline—401-861-2760 and shelter services if you need to get out now (call the hotline).

GLBTQ Resources

GLBTQ Events in Rhode Island.

Amplify Your Voice was created by and for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning young people ages 13-24. This site offers support, community resources, and peer-to-peer education about GLBTQ issues.

If you’re feeling lost and alone and need help, the Trevor Project website offers you support and a hotline.

The 2010 Rainbow Book list is recommended GLBTQ books for teens.

Teen centered information about being gay, coming out to friends and family, and other questions and answers can be found at About.com GLBT.

Sex, etc: a website for teens by teens.

Health and Safety Websites for Teens

The Young Teen’s Place for Information on Alcohol and Resisting Peer Pressure

IEmily.com information for girls

Puberty, All About It

Puberty Information for Girls

Puberty Information for Boys

Go Ask Alice – you asked; Alice answered.

Pregnant and Scared


American Pregnancy Helpline


Bethany Christian Services

Family Services of RI

Planned Parenthood for teens.

Pregnancy Help On-line

Scarleteen is sex education for the real world.

Sex, etc: a website for teens by teens.

Stay Teen  gets you informed about teen pregnancy.

Teen Pregnancy Help

Suicide Prevention

Suicidehotlines.com provides a general 800 number and lists additional numbers by state.  There are also a number of useful websites listed at the bottom of the page.

Suicidal.com has a page designed specifically for teens and their parents.  In addition to being a useful website, it  provides  help cards and booklists to print out.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Use it to help yourself or a friend.

If you are thinking about suicide, read this first”.  She really gets it and she’s really helpful.  Great resource list too.

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education has a good site.  Particularly helpful is the “Resources and Products” page.  They have an entire page devoted to teens.