Story Sharing Application

Newport Public Library Story Sharing Program Application

Do You Love to Read?

Do You Love to Share Books with Others?

Then apply to be a Story Sharer.  We’ll teach you to select books and read them to small groups of children.

**** Please return this completed application by January 9, 2013****



Phone Number


Grade/School (grades 7 and up will be priority)

Are you over 18? yes no 
If yes, we must complete a background check. See a teen librarian or the library director for details.
If no, please have a parent/guardian sign a permission form on training night.

What is your favorite subject in school?

What extracurricular activities do you enjoy?

What was your favorite book(s) as a child?

Please list any experience you’ve had with children (younger siblings, babysitting, etc.)

Please list any leadership roles you’ve had (CIT, tutor, etc.)

Training will be held Monday, January 14, from 7-8pm. If you can not make this session, but can make the reading sessions, please contact Ms. Becky, 847-8720 ext. 206.

Please indicate your availability below (we will create a schedule on training night).

January 21 yes no 

January 28 yes no 

February 4 yes no 

February 11 yes no 

February 25 yes no 

March 4 yes no 

March 11 yes no 

March 18 yes no 

March 25 yes no 

April 1 yes no 

April 22 yes no 

April 29 yes no 

May 6 yes no 

May 13 yes no 

May 20 yes no 

Story Sharing starts at 7pm and ends at approximately 7:30pm. Please plan to be here 10-15 minutes early for preparation and to stay 15 minutes after for clean up.

Story Sharing Program Policies for Readers

• You must attend a training session before reading to the children.
• Seniors over the age of 18 must submit to a background check.
• Story Sharing starts at 7pm and ends at approximately 7:30pm. Please plan to be here 10-15 minutes early for preparation and to stay 15 minutes after for clean up.
• As reader, you are responsible for keeping track of time.
• Any reading teen is welcome to come to other story times to listen/observe.
• Schedule changes MUST be done at least one week in advance and YOU are responsible for finding a substitute and informing Ms. Becky of the change. (Ms. Becky will keep the master schedule and contact list.)
• In case of illness or emergency, please contact Ms. Becky as soon as possible (847-8720 ext. 206).
• Please dress appropriately on reading days: clean clothes without holes or inappropriate slogans; no bare midriffs. Use your judgement. Anyone dressed inappropriately will be asked to change or go home (consequences for missing reading sessions will apply).
• You will be doing a PJ Story Time so pajamas are acceptable dress if they adhere to the above guidelines.
• While you are at the library for story time, you are here for the kids. Please keep socializing with your own friends to a minimum.
• Punctuality is very important. Please call if you will be more than 5 minutes late. Two unexplained tardies (more than 10 minutes with no call) will result in expulsion from the program.
• The children count on you to be at story time. No shows are inexcusable and will result in expulsion from the program.
• Readers will be evaluated and given guidance when necessary.
• Readers will never be left alone with patrons or children during the story hour and are expected to ask for assistance if needed.
• Ms. Becky will be your main contact. If she is unavailable, another librarian will be present to assist you.
• At no time will Newport Public Library tolerate harassment or abusive language or behavior from or toward readers. Problems should be reported immediately to Ms. Becky or Regina Slezak, library director.
• Readers are not required to help library patrons outside of story hour related questions or while using the library as patrons themselves.