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Winter Kwanzaa
New Year Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Groundhog Day 50 States Research Links
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Websites for January

Winter 12/22 – 3/19

Penguin in the Snow





A Guide to Snowflakes
Library of Congress: Everyday Mysteries – No Two Snowflakes are Alike
Snug in the Snow – Animals and Hibernation
Animals that Hibernate
Learn About Ice
Snowflake Bentley
Winter Bird Feeding
Weather Wiz Kids: Winter Storms
Scholastic: Winter Storms
Safety Tips Sledding

Kwanzaa 12/26 – 1/1



 – Kwanzaa
PBS Kids Sue Ellen’s Scrapbook: Kwanzaa 
Symbols of Kwanzaa
What is Kwanzaa?
Fun Kwanzaa Facts

New Year 1/1








New Year History Page
New Year’s Day
PBS Kids Sue Ellen’s Scrapbook: New Year
New Year Celebrations Around the World
The History and Words of Auld Lang Syne
Ducksters – New Year’s Day
Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 1/19






MLK from Library of Congress
History of the MLK holiday from Fact Monster
Why We Honor Dr. Martin Luther King
The meaning of the holiday from the King Center
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Life in Pictures – National Geographic
USA for Kids: Let’s Celebrate: Martin Luther King Day
Facts & Quotes

Groundhog Day 2/2






History of Groundhog Day
Groundhog Facts
Groundhog Day History
Groundhog Day – history . com

 50 States Research Links






State Websites for Kids
US Census – State Facts for Students
Stately Knowledge
The 50 States
The US 50 – US States
Learn about the 50 States
Library of Congress – Explore the States
State Maps
Outline Maps of the States

 China Research Links





General China Information
National Geographic Kids
TIME for Kids
A to Z Kids Stuff – China
Cultural China – China Today
China Facts for Kids
People’s Republic of China
Chinese Inventions
Cultural China – Science and Inventions
Inventions of the Great Ancient Chinese Empire (5 videos)
China Highlights – Porcelain
Chinese Points of Interest
Ducksters – The Forbidden City
Forbidden City Facts
Ducksters – Geography of China
Ducksters – The Great Wall
The Great Wall Facts for Kids
Leshan Giant Buddha
Giant Buddha of Leshan
Potala Palace
Cultural China – Potala Palace
Ducksters – The Silk Road
Cultural China – Temple of Heaven
Ducksters – Terracotta Army
The Terra Cotta Warriors
Highlights for Kids – Terra Cotta Army
National Geographic Video – Terra Cotta Warriors
China Highlights Terracotta Arm – Layout
How Stuff Works – Three Gorges Dam – Video
PBS – Three Gorges Dam
Yangtze River Facts
The History of the Yangtze River
Chinese Cities
An Introduction to China’s Largest Cities
China’s Most Famous Cities
Cultural China – Beijing
Cultural China – Shanghai