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Mad Science Book 200

Find great books to read this summer by looking at our graded booklists:

Preschool – K Grades 1 & 2 Grades 3 & 4 Grades 5 & 6


Kids and iPads 200

Animal & Nature Science

Parts of a Plant
Nature Journal Observation Sheet
Patterns in Nature: Spider Webs
Animal Facts
Animals and Wildlife


American Chemical Society: Chemistry for Kids
PBS Kids: Zoom – Kitchen Chemistry
Chemistry for Kids
Chemistry Videos for Kids
The Science of Cooking


All About Electricity
Electricity for Kids
Static Electricity
Explain That Stuff: Electricity
How Do Solar Panels Work?


Building Big
Engineer Your Own Tower Building Competition
NASA for Kids: Intro to Engineering
Engineering Jobs


Science Experiments with Everyday Materials Experiment with Primary Colors
Build a Film Canister Rocket Experiments to Try at Home
40 Cool Science Experiments on the Web Science Experiments for Kids
Mentos Diet Coke Geyser Chromatography for Kids
Science is Fun: Experiments You Can Do at Home What Absorbs More Heat?

Germs and Bacteria

Why Do I Need to Wash My Hands?
The World of Grossology
What are Germs?
What are Germs: – Video

Science of Light

Optical Illusions Light and Shadows
Optics 4 Kids Facts About Light
Science of Light All About Light and Dark
Science of Light Spectrum Light for Kids

Simple Machines

Simple Machines
The 6 Simple Machines
All About Simple Machines: Types and Functions
Pulleys and Simple Machines


Photos Taken by the Hubble Telescope Comets and Meteors
Space Exploration and Missions: Time Line NASA Kids Club
Kids Astronomy Astronomy Basics for Children
NASA: Narrated Timeline of Space Exploration Planet Facts


Becoming a Meteorologist
Interactive Weather Maker
Online Tornado Jigsaw Puzzle
All About Weather for Kids

Games and Crafts

So You Want a Pet Parasite?: Game Build an Insect
Make Your Own Pop-Up Books PBS Kids: Engineering Games
About Scanimation Books Robot Games Featuring Simple Machines
Robot Game Make Your Own Craft Stick Catapult
How to Make a Working Model Robotic Hand PBS Kids: Science Games
Recycle Robot Craft

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