Historical Preservation Report — Kay-Catherine

The Kay-Catherine-Old Beach Road Neighborhood in Newport

State Historical Preservation Report N-N-1
Rhode Island Historical Preservation Commission

Citation Information

Rhode Island Historical Preservation Commition. The Kay-Catherine-Old Beach Neighborhood in Newport, Rhode Island. [Providence, R.I.] (150 Benefit St., Providence 02903) : Rhode Island Historical Preservation Commission, [1974].

Cover and Table of Contents
Part One: Introduction
Part Two: Procedure
Part Three: Analysis
Part Four: Summary

This document is a copy of the original survey published in 1974.
It has not been corrected or updated.

Since the original publication:
>additional properties have been entered on the National Register;
>some financial incentives referred to in these pages are no longer available;
>some new financial incentives are available.

For up-to-date information, please contact:
R.I. Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission
The Old State House
150 Benefit St.
Providence, RI 02903

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