Transfer Library eBooks to Kindle

Reading free library eBooks on your Kindle eReader (or any device with the Kindle App installed) is not only possible, it’s easy. Below you’ll find links to step-by-step instructions with screen shots, or just scroll down for basic instructions to transfer wirelessly and via usb. Remember to Ask a Librarian if you get stuck.

Step by Step Instructions with Screen Shots

Kindle / Kindle App


You will need: a computer connected to the internet, and a Kindle or some other device on which you’ve installed the Kindle Reading App (smart phone, iPad, etc.).

1. On your PC or Mac, open a web browser and go to Find and borrow an eBook. From your account/bookshelf page, click download and select Kindle, then click “Confirm and Download.”

2. This will send you to You’ll need to log in to your Amazon account, or your computer will remember that information and take you directly to a screen showing the cover and title of your book.

3. You should see a button on the right that says “Get Library Book.” Make sure the device under “Send to…[your device]” is the correct one. Click “Get Library Book.”

4. The next time your Kindle or Kindle app device connects to the internet, the library book should be delivered to your Kindle wirelessly. Enjoy!

What to do if the title won’t transfer wirelessly

Due to publisher restrictions, wireless transfer isn’t always possible. Don’t panic: You can still get the library book on your Kindle with a little dragging and dropping.

First, connect your Kindle to your computer with a usb cord. At this point, click the Start button (bottom left) of your computer and click “Computer” and then double click on your Kindle. This shows you the file contents of your device. This may happen automatically: when you plug in the Kindle, just click on “Open folder to view files.” Leave this window open and go find a book on

Once you check out the book in E-Zone, you’ll click Get for Kindle and jump to At this point, click the Start button (bottom left) of your computer and click “Computer.” Click the button that says “Get Library Book” (underneath it will say “Deliver to/Transfer via Computer”).

A box should open prompting you to save or open the file. Click save. Locate the file most browsers pop up a Downloads window showing recent files, or files may appear at the bottom of the browser window. Whatever the case, locate the downloading file, click on it, and drag it to the file folder for your Kindle. Make sure it goes in the Documents folder on the Kindle. Disconnect your Kindle, start it up, and the book should appear.