3M Cloud Library – FAQ

3M Cloud Library1. What is the 3M Cloud Library?

The 3M Cloud Library is a new, easy way to download eBooks for free from the Newport Public Library to your PC or mobile device.  The 3M Cloud Library  is available to Newport Public Library card-holders only.

2. What kind of eReader can I use with the new 3M Cloud Library?

The 3M Cloud Library works with a Windows PC app, Mac app, as well as Android smart phones and tablets and Apple (iOS) mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod Touch.  Compatible eReaders include Nooks, Sony eReader and Kobo.

3. Is the 3M Cloud Library compatible with Macs?

3M Cloud Library is now compatible with Macs! Visit 3M’s web site to download the reader app.

4. What are the 3M Cloud Library check out limits?

  • You may check out 6 eBooks at a time.
  • You may place holds on 4 eBooks at a time.
  • You have 3 days to check out an eBook that you had on hold, once it becomes available.
  • eBooks are checked out for 21 days; the eBook returns automatically at that time.
  • You may return an ebook early.
  • Your 3M Cloud Library check-outs do not count against your E-zone checkouts.

5. Can I renew eBooks?

No you can’t renew eBooks, but once they are returned you can check them out again, as long as there are no holds for someone else.

6. Do I pay fines for eBooks?

No – the eBooks disappear automatically after the check-out period (21 days) is reached.  No fines – no overdue notices – no hassle.


3M Discovery Station7. How and where do I get started with the 3M Cloud Library?

  • You can visit the library’s website under Downloads, click on “eBooks and audioBooks,” choose 3M Cloud Library, and begin downloading apps and eBooks immediately.
  • You can use the Discovery Station at the Library.

8. What is the Discovery Station?

The Discovery Station is a free-standing terminal with a touch screen.  The 3M Discovery Station lets you browse and check-out ebooks while in the library, by sending the ebooks you select to your personal account for downloading.

9. Will the library continue to offer ebooks through the Ocean State Libraries’ E-Zone?

Yes.  The OSL E-Zone is a statewide service available to all OSL library card holders.  E-Zone offers ebooks for Kindles and Macs, as well as PCs and other eReaders, AND downloadable audiobooks.


10.  Will 3M eBooks work with a Kindle?

Amazon, the company behind the Kindle, requires the lending library companies have an agreement with them in order to offer Kindle compatibility.  3M is in negotiations with Amazon to work on offering Kindle compatibility with the 3M Cloud Library. In the meantime, if you have a Kindle, please visit  Overdrive E-zone  for eBooks and for downloadable audiobooks.

11.  I do not see the newest books by some of my favorite authors, and they are popular authors, often on the bestseller lists.  Why don’t you have them?

Four major publishers:  Macmillan, Simon and Schuster, the Hachette Group and the Penguin Group will not sell eBooks to libraries at all.  For instance, James Patterson, a very popular author, is published by Little, Brown & Co., (a division of Hachette Group) and neither Little Brown nor any other publishing division in the Hachette Group will sell eBooks to libraries.

Penguin Group is in the middle of a pilot project with the New York Public Library and may begin selling eBooks to libraries next year.