FAQs: Computers & other Technology Services

Computers at Newport Public Library

1. Does the Library provide computers and Internet access?
Yes, the library provides access to computers and the Internet free of charge.  We have 20 public computers in the Adult area, 5 public computers in the Young Adult area, and 9 public computers in the Children’s area.

An Ocean State Libraries library card number or a guest pass number is required to log-on to our computers.  Frequent visitors are urged to consider getting a library card, instead of using a guest pass.

All public computers include access to the Internet and a full suite of Microsoft Office software, including Word, Excel and Power Point.  Some computers also have some graphics programs.

The Adult Department loans out a small number of laptop computers with Internet access and Microsoft Office products, to library patrons over the age of 18 who have a valid Newport Public Library card. Laptops may be borrowed for 2 hour periods. They cannot be taken out of the library building.

2. Does the library have a Wi-Fi (wireless) system?
Yes.  There is a library-wide wireless network (called Library) which allows the use of laptops with ethernet wireless cards of 802.11B or better to access the Internet.

3. Can I print at the library?  Is there a charge for printing?
The Library offers both black and white and color printing from all its public computers. The charges for each are:

  • Black and White prints – 15 cents per page
  • Color prints – 30 cents per page

All printing uses a coin-operated system.  You must print as usual from the computer and then come to the print-release station to pay for and release your prints.  Print-release stations may be found at the Reference and Children’s Desks.  Print jobs can be paid by using one dollar bills and coins (no pennies). See below for printing from a laptop in the library.

4. Is there a time limit for computer / Internet access?
If the computers are very busy, and there are people waiting, there is a one-hour limit.  If there is no one waiting, time limits are flexible for users who have an OSL library card.  We have a Reservation Station (located just outside the adult computer room) where people can reserve the next available computer.

5. May I use my laptop in the library?  May I plug it in?
Yes, you may use your laptop in the library.  There are also several electrical outlets (in the library carrels, in the quiet study room and under the reading tables) that may be used to plug in your laptop.  The only restriction is that wires may not be stretched across aisle-ways.  Other devices (cell phone chargers, printers, etc.,) may not be plugged in.

6. May I print from my laptop in the library?
Yes, the library is now enabled for printing through Envisionware from your laptop. Visit this page for more information. After sending your print, come to the print-release station to pay for and release your pages.

7. May I connect my digital camera, MP3 player, webcam, cell phone, to a library computer?
No. None of these devices may be connected to a library computer.

8. May I save a file or document to the library’s computer?
You may use a Flash Drive to save your work.  You may bring your own into the library or you may purchase one (at the Reference Desk) for $10.00.

9. What other Technology Services does the library offer?
Photocopy Machines
Library photocopy machines print in black and white only, and do not make double-sided copies. Machines accept one dollar bills and coins. Library staff will be happy to assist you with computer printing or photocopying.

Faxing is now available Monday – Friday until 4:00 pm. This service is handled by the Administration Office and the cost is $1.00 per page.

The library now offers a scanner that customers can use.  The scanner is located across from the Reference Desk.  This is a free service.  We ask patrons to limit their use of the scanner to 20 minutes or less.

Cell Phones
Cell phone use is allowed only in the library’s two lobbies.  Please set your cell phone to vibrate when you enter the library.  Texting is allowed anywhere.