Policy on Social Networking Sites

Adopted September 20, 2012

Purpose:  The purpose of this social networking policy is to define acceptable use of library-created social networking sites.

Definition:  Social networking sites are defined as any website or application which allows users to share information.  Social networking sites can include, but are not limited to, blogging, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, and wikis.

In keeping with the library’s mission to strengthen the community by providing opportunities that support lifelong learning, encourage inspiration, imagination and enjoyment and connect people to each other and the rest of the world, the Newport Public Library maintains a presence on certain social networking sites as a place for the library staff to keep the community informed about library events and services and to provide a place where staff and patrons can share information and opinions on library or community related subjects or issues.

The following statements refer only to the Newport Public Library’s presence on and use of social networking platforms.

The Newport Public Library welcomes the comments, posts and messages of the community and recognizes and respects differences of opinion.  All comments, posts, and messages are subject to review and the Newport Public Library reserves the right, but is not required, to remove any comment, post or message that it deems, in its sole discretion, to be abusive, defamatory, in violation of intellectual property rights, or otherwise inappropriate.  The Library shall also be granted the right to reproduce comments, posts and messages in other public venues, without further permission from subscribers.  Newport Public Library will not be held responsible or liable for the content posted by any subscriber in any Newport Public Library social media forum.

Postings which contain any of the following will be removed:

  • Disrespectful, inflammatory or off topic comments
  • Obscene, racist or otherwise threatening comments
  • Personal attacks or insults
  • Plagiarized material (quotations without credit lines)
  • Information that is likely to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems
  • Private, personal information published without consent
  • Commercial promotions, spam or organized political activity
  • Hyperlinks and images which meet any of the above criteria

By posting a comment, you agree to indemnify the Newport Public Library, its employees and its trustees from and against any liabilities, judgments, damages and costs (including attorney’s fees) incurred by any of them which arise out of or are related to content you post.  The Library assumes no liability regarding any event or interaction which takes place by any participant on any Library sponsored social networking site, and does not endorse or review content outside of the “pages” created by the Library.

Use of data:

  • The library does not collect, maintain or otherwise use the personal information stored on any third party site other than to communicate with users on those sites.
  • The library may collect some data for statistical and anonymous, anecdotal purposes.

Posted comments are the opinion of the poster only, and publication of any content does not imply the endorsement of the Newport Public Library.

Use of Library sponsored social networking sites implies agreement with the terms of this policy.