Behavior Policy

Behavior in the Library

(Revised in 2009)

The Newport Public Library seeks to maintain an environment that is safe and comfortable for those individuals using the library.  In order to do this it has established rules of conduct the goal of which is to create a safe and pleasant facility for both the general public and library staff and to protect library owned equipment and materials.

The library reserves the right to ask anyone violating these rules to leave the premises.  Anyone who regularly violates the rules or has engaged in criminal activity on Library premises may be denied access to the facilities for a specified period of time.  Unlawful activities will be reported to the police.

Patrons shall be engaged in the activities associated with the use of the Library.  Patrons not engaged in reading, studying, or using Library materials may be required to leave the building.


A.  Any conduct interfering with the rights of other patrons to use the library or which could result in injury to oneself or others is prohibited.

Prohibited conduct includes but is not limited to the following:

1.    Any illegal activity, including, but not limited to, fighting, use or possession of drugs, alcohol, or weapons.

2.  Harassing library users or Library employees verbally or by threatening or sexual actions.

3.  Loud and boisterous behavior, including using profanity.      (Gen. Laws of RI 11-45-1)

4.  Smoking in any part of the Library. (Gen. Laws of RI 23-20.6-2)

5.  Running or jumping in the library.

6.  Eating in the Library except in designated areas.

7.  Use of sports or recreational equipment.

8.  Misuse of restrooms.  This includes using them as laundry or washing facilities.

9.  Entering areas posted “Staff Only” without permission.

10.  Obvious intoxication.

11.  A level of personal hygiene which interferes with the ability of other patrons to use, work in, or enjoy the library.

12.  Bringing animals into the library except those needed to assist a disabled person.

13.  Leaving a child under age 8 unattended in the building.  (See policy onChildren in the Library for further information.)

14.  Wearing hoods, no shoes or no shirt.

15.  Solicitation

16.  Playing audio equipment so that others may hear.

17.  Using a cell phone for verbal communication in non designated areas.

18. Use a cell phone’s camera or binocular features in the Library without permission from Library Administration

19. Taking photos or videos of the Library building or of Library users without permission of Library Administration.


B.  Any activity which could cause damage to the building, materials or equipment is considered disruptive and unacceptable.

Such prohibited acts include but are not limited to:

1.  Theft and/or destruction of  library materials or property. Patrons triggering the theft detection system may be required to open any bags or purses for inspection.

2.  Playing in or with the public elevator

3.    Misuse of library furniture, including having one’s feet on the chairs or tables, the spinning of chairs, or writing on tables.

4.    Any attempts to bypass passwords or other security systems on the library’s computers will result in the revocation of permission to use the computers.

5.  Plugging in laptop computers in a place that creates a safety hazard.

6.  Plugging in any equipment other than a laptop.

7.  Plugging any peripherals into library equipment.

8.  Bringing bicycles into the building.


No patron who has been ejected from the library shall be permitted to return to the library’s premises for a period of up to 5 days.  Patrons who have been ejected from the library twice within a 30 day period will not be allowed to return for a period of one month.  Patrons who are again ejected from the library after having been out for a month will not be allowed to return for a period of three months, must meet with the library director and sign a behavior contract before being allowed to return.

These time periods may be adjusted by the Library Director. A patron may request a meeting with the Director for such an adjustment. If the offender is a minor a meeting shall include the parent or guardian of the offender.

A copy of the policy will be posted in the library.