Library Databases

Discover your ancestor’s census records, look up a phone number, or search for millions of articles in journals, magazines, and encyclopedias. Need help? Ask a librarian.

Featured Databases

AtoZ Databases  A national business and residential directory.

Ancestry – Library Edition  The premier genealogy database. Available in library only.

Mango Languages  Learn a language on your PC or use the mobile app. Choose from over 60 languages.

New! Morningstar Investment Research Center  A comprehensive, up-to-date investment tool. Get data and analysis on stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and closed-end funds, or obtain data on a particular industry.


Novelist  A readers’ advisory solution for fiction lovers. Answers the question: “What should I read next?”

Newspapers, Magazines, and Journals

Academic Search Elite  This database covers nearly every area of academic study. Many journals are available in full-text including the British Journal of Psychology, Nursing & Health Sciences, Journal of Nutrition and many others.

MasterFile Premier  Search for current and past articles from Consumer Reports, Time, Redbook and many more popular magazines.

New York Times (1980-present)

New York Times Historical (1851-2007)

Providence Journal (1980-present)

Newport Mercury (1748-1846)

Rhode Island Historical Newspapers (18th and 19th centuries)

See also our Local History page for Newport Daily News holdings.